Did you know that the body and mind are so closely linked that they each have an impact on each other? For example, stress and anxiety often start in the mind but also have a physical impact on the body. In the same way, our body’s response to the physical environment can have an impact on our mind.

We had our resident Wellbeing expert Sharon Keating (who also happens to run a wellbeing centre in Bali) put together this challenge for you.

TASK 1: Read this article and the video contained within it

These are full of great information about body-mind wellbeing and contain practical tips for how to support your immunity during challenging times. Click here to read the article.

TASK 2: Create your own ‘daily wellbeing practice’

From the things you learned in Task 1, choose three practices that you will commit to each day at a certain time. For example, it could be 5 minutes of focused breathing in the morning before breakfast, or setting the alarm to move your body after every 60 minutes of sitting. Another alternative might be to use your Fllair Diary to de-clutter your mind each evening before bed, writing down anything you need to pick up in the morning so you can sleep easily.

TASK 3: String together 14 days in a row.

That’s right, this challenge is all about repetition and doing the things that you commit yourself to. Can you do 14 days in a row?

Remember to make a note of how you are feeling before you start, and how you are feeling at the end of the 14 days. You can also experiment with your daily practice and see what works best for you, the main thing is to get started.

Ready to take on this challenge?

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