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On behalf of the Fllair team, welcome.  My name is Jason and I have been part of Fllair since the very beginning. Behind the scenes, we are a group of career and recruitment professionals that simply want to help people to achieve their career goals. Our goal with Fllair is to provide you with an all-in-one career support platform to help you achieve whatever is important to you.

Fllair can do this in a number of ways.

Going for a new job? Create and share a Fllair profile

A Fllair profile is a personal online resume that tells your career story in a better way.  Once you have added all of your employment history, check how it looks by going to the View Profile menu item in the top left corner (click on your name).

You can share your private link when applying for a job to stand out from the crowd.  You can even create a personal video to tell your story properly.  Simply head to the Profile left menu item to get started.

Once you have created your Fllair profile, you will have a unique URL that you can share with others. Go to Profile>Details>Share.

Here’s mine:

To edit, delete, or hide an item or detail on your profile, simply click the three dots beside the item.

**Marking an item as protected, means nobody will be able to see these items from your public profile.

You can learn more about creating your video here, or if you would like us to help you check out this item in our marketplace.

Need expert help? Explore our marketplace.

If your career is really important to you, check out our Fllair marketplace.  We have a growing range of career support services and learning programs to choose from.  You can elect to be pre-interviewed and share this information with prospective employers, you can find a career coach to help keep you on track to achieve your goals, or perhaps just get a bit of help with your Fllair video profile.

Perhaps Career Club is for you

We created Career Club as a cost-effective way for you to get access to premium content and receive exclusive discounts on all marketplace items. Introductory pricing of just $5 per month is in place for a limited time only.

We are looking forward to being part of your career success. If you would like to get in touch with us, just use the chat bubble at the top right of the screen.

Wishing you every success in your Career.

Jason and the Fllair Team

Fllair Weekly Wrap – 20 November 2020

This week in Career Club

Welcome to the first edition of Fllair Weekly Wrap, a summary of everything that’s happening with Fllair, our members and of course our team behind the scenes.

We only just launched our marketplace recently and we now have 9 products available. This week we added Career Coaching package – a bundle of three career coaching sessions which works out at just $140 per session. We also added Psychometric Assessments – giving our members the ability to take a thorough personality and character assessment that you can use to show to prospective employers or simply use to improve how you do your current job. If you haven’t checked it out, just head to the Marketplace menu item once logged into Fllair. The most popular so far is Improve Your Resume & Interview Skills followed closely by a single Career Coaching Session.The most common topic of discussion has been around improving communication skills, and many of our members are asking about more regular sessions (which is why we created the career coaching package bundle).

Question of the week

We had a question from Joe in Melbourne who asked – My boss doesn’t like me, what should I do? Career Club members can find the answer in the Q&A area in the Career Club menu. If you aren’t a member, Career Club is just $5 per month and will get you access to our exclusive array of content and of course 10% off all marketplace items. It’s worth it just for this!

Meet Crisel

Crisel is one of our champions behind the scenes who does a bit of everything here at Fllair – from digital marketing and SEO through to customer support and other random things that need doing. Crisel’s been with us from the very start and is likely to be the person at the other end of your messages if you send us one.

What’s coming soon?

We are adding a Word resume template for download shortly (Career Club members) and we are starting to add a range of skills development courses too. If you have anything that you want to see, simply drop us a message and we will make it happen.

Here’s to your brilliant career.

Jason and the Fllair team

My boss does not seem to like me that much. What should I do?

Thanks to one of our new Career Club members for this question – Joe from Melbourne in Australia.

Joe, the first thing I would do is to consider the following question – ‘how do you know that he doesn’t like you’? As in, has he told you directly, did someone else tell you about a conversation they were directly part of, is it a rumour, or is it a feeling that you get because of facial expressions or other cues? The answer will determine your next steps.

If he has said this to you directly, it would be interesting to know the context involved, but it is hard to imagine a circumstance where being told someone doesn’t like you is acceptable behaviour, especially for a manager or leader. Nobody should have to put up with any form of bullying in the workplace and whilst there is a lot of information I don’t have, there are few excuses that could make this reasonable. Managers and leaders need to be held to a high standard. At work, the only thing that really matters is whether you are doing your job and meeting your commitments. Whether someone likes you or not is not necessarily relevant. This article would be worth reading – The Most Important Skill You Need To Develop Right Now. If you secretly know that it might be because of something you did, you can of course go and make things right by having a conversation. You can also check out this article – What if your colleagues don’t like you in the Career Success folder (under Career Club).

If it is hearsay or a rumour, I would advise checking the facts first. One of the most common killers of team culture is gossip, because it is always second hand information. If you know the game Chinese Whispers, where a message must be passed along a chain of people, the message is almost always different at the end to what it was at the start. Participating in gossip is a team killer. Whilst I am not suggesting that you distrust everything you hear, it is worth checking the source of any information and if in doubt, and you have a good enough relationship with your boss, simply ask! If you need help with how to do this, get in touch with our team.

However if you are just getting a feeling that your boss doesn’t like you, one of the things I would encourage you to ponder is whether this is just your perception? As human beings, we are always making judgments about the facial expressions and body language of others. The reality is that we aren’t always very good at doing it well. When we make assumptions, we put ourselves in a position where we are creating a version of reality that may or may not be the same as the other person. They may actually feel like you don’t like them! The only way to clarify this is by having a conversation. And this means developing the type of communication skills that can deal with this type of conversation. It isn’t easy, but it is definitely possible to learn how. Sometimes, we create a problem that doesn’t even exist! It might also be worth checking out The Art Of Clear Communication in the marketplace.

Let us know if you need any further assistance Joe.

Career Club is LAUNCHED!

It’s been months in the making, but finally we have launched our Career Club. Think of it as a way to get access to insider career tips from career experts for just $5 per month. You also get a standard 10% off all marketplace products which means it pretty much pays for itself if you buy just one or two products throughout the year.

Over the coming months and into the future, we will continue to keep adding more value

Simply click ‘Career Club’ at the top of the main menu to join. We’re looking forward to having you as part of the Career Club community.

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