When things get a little stressful, we can sometimes become super-focused on what is happening in our own world. This means we can sometimes forget about the impact we are having on others. This challenge is about getting to know the people around you so that you can stay aware of this impact.

TASK 1: Ask someone you don’t know all that well about their job.

Find out what they do, what they enjoy about their job the most and what are their biggest frustrations. You may be surprised what you find out and you may even be able to help.

TASK 2: Ask someone what you can do for them.

During the normal course of your day, you will come in contact with various people. Ask someone ‘is there anything I can do to help make your job easier’?

TASK 3: Ask someone what they do outside of work

Often we can talk so much about work that we forget that we all have lives outside of work. Ask someone what they do on weekends, you might just have something in common.

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