Career Development is something that is really important to many of our members, however it is often difficult to know where to start. Whilst we at Fllair believe in the value of almost any learning activity, there is one capability in particular that almost every employer wants to hire.

The ability to take responsibility for yourself – thoughts, words and actions. In a world where everyone is tired and overwhelmed and anxious, the ability to maintain control over your own experience whilst being aware of your impact on others is extremely important. Why? The reality is that in a workplace, there are going to be different types of people with different beliefs, backgrounds, experiences and opinions. We all see the world through different eyes and we all create a different reality for ourselves. Everyone feels like their version of reality is the true and correct version. Our default position is that the world literally revolves around us, and therefore we are at the centre of the universe.

The problem this creates is that if everyone acts in a totally self-centred manner in the workplace, it probably isn’t going to be all that enjoyable. Afterall, a workplace is simply a group of people working together towards common goals (not just their own personal goals).

If you can develop the ability to consider the impact of your thoughts, words and actions on others, you are in very strong position to achieve your own personal career goals. It isn’t easy, which is why it is the most important skill you can develop.

If this is a skill you are looking to develop, check out our Marketplace for a range of career development options including Clear Calm & Ready – a program to better understand your mind. Or perhaps take a Psychometric Assessment and debrief with one of our career experts to understand your strengths.