If we can learn anything from the disruptions associated with COVID-19, it’s that things can change very quickly without warning, severely disrupting plans and assumptions. The challenge this presents is one of future planning – now that we know how quickly change can come our way, how do we make sensible plans for the future?

One of the key characteristics that employers will be searching for in the coming years is that of tenacity to overcome obstacles. It’s no longer possible to rely on ‘things are tough’ as a reasonable excuse because it is the same for everyone, and workplaces need people who are going to take challenges within their stride and find creative solutions anyway.

You can practice this tenacity with your job search activities, and it starts with a simple mindset shift.

In The Way or On The Way

This is one of our most simple yet most effective pieces of advice. When we are presented with a challenge, we can see it in one of two ways. We can see it as in the way – an obstacle that is blocking our path and therefore we can’t get past. By seeing something in the way, it can lead us to believe that we can’t get past it, and we therefore submit to defeat. It is easy to accidentally fall into this mindset.

Alternatively, we can see a challenge as on the way. Sure the obstacle is blocking the path, but we see it merely as a challenge to be overcome on the way to the future. We aren’t defeated by it, instead we are assuming there is a way to get around it and need to just find an alternative route.

This is what we are inviting you to do with not just your job search but your entire career – develop the mindset to Continue To Excel into the future, regardless of the circumstances that present themselves. One of the secrets to this is finding ways to keep a Clear, Calm and Ready Mind. Often, it’s not the circumstances that are the problem, it’s the perception of the circumstances and the tricks our minds can play on us. During your job search activities and beyond, your ability to stay calm under pressure is something that stand you in good stead when you are one of a handful of people that a company is considering to hire.

Use every experience as a learning opportunity

We know how difficult searching for a role can be. One thing you can do is to use every experience you have as an opportunity to keep learning and improving. For example, after an interview, you can ask for feedback (even if this is a few days later). It might feel a bit awkward at first, but there is nothing wrong with asking a question like ‘to help me improve my chances in the future, is there any feedback you can give me?’. Whilst seeking feedback is not always comfortable, it is a great way to practice hearing things like this. Whatever you do, don’t try and argue points that you disagree with, politely accept it and thank them. This is going to be valuable in the future for sure.

One tip we can give you is to start using Fllair’s Tasks and Diary tools to build what we call Success Habits. Setting intentions, tracking your performance against those intentions, keeping a record of observations and learnings, and self-reflecting on your own actions on a regular basis are really powerful habits to get into. With this in mind, we encourage you to check out our Career Challenge – Build Success Habits in 28 Days.

Interestingly, you may even choose to convey to anyone interviewing you that as a matter of course that you are able to self-manage your own performance because you stick to these success habits. Being able to demonstrate your ability to self-manage yourself is an extremely appealing characteristic for an employer.

We are here to help

Whilst your Career Support Consultant will cover the topic of Continuing To Excel during your consultation(s), we will continue to provide further hints, tips and advice as part of your Premium membership. You can also book in additional sessions with any of our experts if you feel you need additional assistance.