This challenge is about taking the best steps to get a new job quickly. If you haven’t already created your Fllair profile and video, you should do that first.

TASK 1: Identify and contact a minimum of 2 trustworthy referees.

High-quality, trustworthy references and reviews make a big impression on people who don’t know you. Identifying and contacting at least 2 (or more) referees and asking them to add a ‘review’ to your Fllair profile makes a big difference. We suggest a former boss or senior colleague who knows what you are really like at work.

TASK 2: Identify why you are valuable to a new employer

When considering applications, employers will usually be asking themselves ‘why should I interview this person, and will it be worth my time?‘. You can increase your chances of getting an interview by highlighting why you are valuable to an employer. Here are 5 topics to consider: Technical Strengths, Working With Others, Working Under Pressure, Achievements That Made A Difference To Others, and Lessons Learned. Hint – this information will be used to create your Fllair profile.

TASK 3:  Reach out to 10 people and ask for help

Unless you ask, the answer is No! In other words, in times of need it is best to ask for help rather than wait for others to guess that you need it. There are two areas we suggest. First is asking people you know whether they can refer you to anyone they know. Second is asking whether they have any advice or suggestions for you to help with your job search. Just remember that if anyone does you a solid favor, be sure to return it in the future.

TASK 4: Identify 10 companies who are growing and may need staff.

This is a research task that you will want to start early. Whilst there are many companies who won’t be hiring right now, there are others who will be in the near future. The trick is to focus energy and attention on those who are most likely to need you. What you are looking for are articles about companies who have received growth funds recently, who supply goods and services that are in demand right now, or who might be growing when things start to return to normal.

TASK 5: Find 10 Job Advertisements that interest you

Job boards, Linked In and Industry Association websites are all places where companies advertise for new staff. As you are searching, one of the things to consider is ‘how can I help this company succeed?’ The reason for doing this is it helps you to focus on why they need YOU, and what they therefore need to know about you.

TASK 6: Send off your applications

One of the mistakes that some people make when applying for jobs is to apply to too many opportunities. The reality is that the person at the other end who is receiving your application can usually tell. The more focus you have, the more likely you are to succeed. Remember to include your Fllair profile in any applications.

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