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“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their growth”   – John Whitmore

For Career Coaches

As a career coach, you play an important role in the improvement of people’s lives.  We think that is great, so much in fact that we want to support you to do your job even better.

You can manage your own private community, mentor your mentees and keep everything in the one place.  Your customers also get free access to all of Fllair’s existing content, tools and resources.

for organisations

For Independent Recruiters

If you are an independent recruitment consultant and looking for a way to feel like part of a larger community, you should consider Fllair.  Developed originally by recruitment experts, Fllair is simple and cost effective and allows you to offer your candidates a range of additional tools and resources by being part of the platform.
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We recorded Jason speaking about Fllair and why you should consider it as a platform if you are a career coach or independent recruitment consultant.  Check it out.

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