Searching for your next role, whether it be temporary or permanent, can be a full time job in itself. Whether you use an agency or go direct to the employer, you need to be on top of your applications and your behaviors throughout your job search. Going on six years in recruitment I have had my share of candidates who have “lost control” of their job search. I believe control starts from the moment you hit the “apply” button and here is why.


“Tailoring your Resume” is a phrase which you will hear from time to time. This does not mean lying or being unethical but simply highlighting your key strengths relevant to the advertised criteria. Many times, I have read a “career objective” on a CV that has absolutely no relevance to the role they have applied for. Candidates should get into the habit of “tweaking” their CV to the specific role they are applying for. If you are unsure or the advertisement isn’t clear, pick up the phone, speak with the consultant and find out what the critical criteria is and THEN “tweak” your CV. Don’t rush your application! Your resume is your first impression so make it a good one. Having a resume that catches a person’s interest is just the start.

I have lost count of the amount of times I have spoken to a job applicant and asked them why they have applied for the particular role and their response is “oh I have applied for so many roles. I can’t remember”. This is a clear indication that a person is not taking their search seriously and just applying “willy nilly”. Yes, at the moment there are many quality opportunities out there and you can and will apply for multiple roles with multiple consultants / employers. However, you should be organised and methodical i.e. you should be writing down the job title, reference number and agency /employer so they are ready to make a good impression when the phone rings!

You can do this using your Fllair Task List or Diary (under Tools in the main menu).

This leads me to my next point:


It’s a battlefield out there in the world of recruitment and it is no secret that companies will often use multiple agencies to fill critical roles. Mutual respect is the key to any candidate /consultant relationship. As a candidate, the onus is on you to ensure that you are not talking to multiple agents about the same roles. Numerous times I have sent applications to clients only for them to tell me “I have received her resume through another agency already” or “he applied directly a week ago”. This happens for two reasons:

1. A lack of respect from the Consultant. A Consultant has acted unethically and just “flicked” your resume to the client as a means of marketing without you knowing.

2. A lack of respect from the Candidate. The candidate has not heard anything from the other agency regarding the role and thinks that they will try their luck again with the second consultant. This only makes the candidate look unethical, desperate and to have lost control.

In closing, it is important to remain honest and open throughout the process to ensure you secure your perfect role and burn no bridges in the process. You never know when you might need to look for a job again!

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