The concept of a career has been around for a long time, yet for some people it is still not something that is easy to define. The main reason for this is over time, our goals, desires and circumstances can change according to any number of reasons. There is also the external pressure that comes from being judged on career achievements. For example, is someone who chooses not to keep climbing the corporate ladder a lazy person? Most definitely not! However, this can play on the mind of many of our customers.

One tip we can give you is to remember that this is your career, not anyone else’s. Your choices are your choices, however in saying that our goal is to ensure that your choices support your career goal, which means having a career plan.

During the meeting with your Career Support Consultant, you will do the following:

  • Review and discuss profile, skills, achievement assessment
  • Review resume incorporating profile/skills/achievements
  • Define career objectives including job search and strategies

For this reason, we suggest preparing your Fllair profile or at the very least updating your resume. We will then also discuss:

  1. Individual plan based on all findings
  2. Introduction to active and passive networks
  3. Job Search and current Job Market trends