It’s 2021 and many of us are planning to achieve great things this year, especially after 2020 became the blocker that temporarily halted many of our career and life plans.

And if you are one of the many people out there who are excited to calibrate their career plans for better opportunities, here are some career boosting tips that can help you.

1. Invest in improving your personal branding

Personal branding is very important and valuable. No matter what industry you’re in, it pays to have a great branding to help people notice and remember you.

It also helps you boost your confidence as well as establish a memorable image in people’s mind of what you want to be.

One way to improve your branding is revamping your resume. We, at Fllair, developed creative designs for your online resume to give a little flair to your profile and branding.

Check out our downloadable resume option in the Tools menu.

2. Upgrade your skills

A lot of people lost their jobs in 2020, with employers becoming even more picky when it comes to finding the best person for jobs that are available. With this major shift in recruitment and employment, you need to stand out. And one way of standing out is to upgrade or learn new skills.

That is why we, at Fllair, created a range of learning and career ‘helpers’ to help you upgrade and boost your skills.

One of our career support offerings is the Leadership Career Accelerator program. We help you take your leadership career to the next level by helping you discover your strengths and blind spots.

Learn more about our learning and career helpers here.

3. Start networking and creating connections

Social distancing is now part of the new normal, but it doesn’t mean you can’t network and expand your connections. We are in a digital era, so connecting online through social media platforms like LinkedIn can be an advantage.

There are also online networking events that you can join to meet professionals and possible career opportunities.

4. Take care of your health

A great career isn’t worth much if you don’t have your health. Investing in taking good care of your health is an important part of achieving long term career goals. It’s not just about watching what you eat and doing exercise, learning how to communicate effectively with others and learning how to have a healthy relationship with stress are also vitally important. If you are interested in ways to improve your wellbeing, be sure to check out our marketplace.

These are just a few effective ways to boost your career this 2021. If you need more help when it comes to job search, career development, leadership and well-being at work, simply contact our support team.