Let’s talk about ‘change’.

Here we are in 2020 and words like change and disruption have become part of almost every conversation it seems. We have no doubt that you are experiencing your fair share of change and disruption to your personal circumstances. During your conversation with your Career Support Consultant, we will be checking in with you to see how you are coping with your circumstances. We refer to it as a change barometer. By exploring your current approach to dealing with change and how comfortable you are with embracing your current circumstances, you are in a strong position to move confidently into the future.

So how do we all cope with a changing world?

We all cope with change in slightly different ways, which brings us to our first suggestion. Stop using the word change! This one word over the last decade has been associated with a number of health and wellbeing problems including stress, fatigue, burnout and more. All this talk about change can be really draining, which is why we suggest rephrasing it entirely – evolution, transformation, new chapter or perhaps even exciting future. This not about going into denial that change is occurring around you, it’s about framing your mind in a way that ensures you don’t get stuck. You will be amazed at how everything transforms when you feel like you are continuing on your journey rather than going through change.

The goal is to help you move past any unhelpful emotions that may have surfaced so that we can move into the next stages progress.

Learn More about the 5 stages of grief by watching this video.

“Why me?”

This is one of the most common thoughts that our customers have when they have been let go from a role, or things haven’t gone to plan. It is easy to feel like things just aren’t fair. Our first tip is not to feel too bad if this is indeed how you feel, it’s natural. The goal is to move past this as quickly as possible and take some clear actions. One way to set your mind on the task of finding your next role is to take on our New Job In Under 30 Days’ Challenge. This will help you to take action that will get you going immediately. Feeling like you are making progress is a wonderful motivator.

Here are my 3 tips for both people managers and employees to cope:

Other useful tips

  1. Identify what is in your control. Some people call this ‘controlling the controllable’s’. There are so many things that are out of our direct control, but we can control the controllable’s. In other words, by focusing on the things that are in your direct control, you are putting yourself in the best position to succeed. You can influence your rate of transformation and fast-forward your likely success.
  2. Be careful not to get dragged down by others – if other people are in the same position as you, they will sometimes want to keep talking about what happened. Eventually this is going to keep weighing you down, and create a barrier to your own personal evolution and learning experience.
  3. Find people in your network who have managed to recently get a role, and ask them what worked for them. They will often have the benefit of an employer telling them ‘we hired you because….’. This is going to be really useful information for you as well.


Think of 20 positive things that will come out of your current circumstances and how this might benefit you. For example, you have some extra time to complete some study that is important to you, or investigate a career change that you have been thinking about. Whilst this might seem like a difficult task, you may be surprised about how many opportunities will now be available because you are no longer ‘stuck’ in what you were doing.