Finding the perfect job can be difficult, but it is even harder if you are working with recruiters that don’t have your back. Here are a few tips from expert recruiters about how to get the best out of the relationship when working with recruiters.

First though, you need to be able to identify a good recruiter from one who isn’t so good. The question to ask yourself is, will this person keep my best interests in mind, or are they all about the fee they get The measure of a great recruiter is their ability to provide you with a suitable experience even when they are busy.

#1 Communication

Job hunting can be a time-consuming and sometimes soul-destroying process, especially when you aren’t kept in the loop about where things are at. Effective communication is integral to the recruitment process, and you should expect to be kept up to date often.

However, communication is a two-way street. You will also need to be proactive with telling it how it is and being honest, keeping them up to date with any information that they need to do their job, and letting them know if you get close to getting another role.

A good recruiter will set expectations clearly up front so that you know what to expect, and what they expect of you. If this hasn’t happened, it is ok for you to ask questions like:

  • How often will I hear from you?
  • How often should I try to contact you if I haven’t heard anything?
  • At what points in the process will you update me?

Another thing we strongly suggest is simply doing what you say you will do. Turn up to calls and meetings on time, get back to people with information you said you would, and keep to your end of the bargain. Of course, you should also expect this from your recruiter.

#2 Honesty

There is nothing that sours a great working relationship than fake news. In other words, both you and the recruiter you are working with should be as truthful as possible with one another. All too often, we see people trying to put themselves in the best position by stretching the truth. Almost always, these stretched truths reveal themselves and then there is a break in trust. Once this happens, it is difficult to get it back.

We suggest bringing this up in conversation when you are talking to recruiters. “I promise to tell you everything straight up the way it is, and I would really appreciate you doing the same”.

#3 Being valued

Your time is valuable. Your skills are valuable. Your career is valuable. If you come across a recruiter who doesn’t think you are valuable, you are wasting your time. Of course, you should value their time and their skills and their professionalism too.

The reality is that there is only one person who will usually get the job you are going for, and unfortunately sometimes things won’t go your way. However the process is much easier when there is mutual respect, and this is what you should expect.

A few final words

If you have ever hired a person for your own team or been part of a process to hire someone, you will know that it is not always easy. There are many candidates to choose from, and it is difficult to judge some things in just a few interviews. Developing an effective working relationship with a recruitment consultant is a great way to put yourself ahead of the pack. They are your agent, and can often be the difference between getting an interview and not. The good ones are also very good at helping decision makers see your background and qualities in the most favourable light. But finding good recruiters is not always easy. When you find a good one, take the time to develop the relationship. It will be very worthwhile.

However, your best asset when looking for a new job is you. Remember to create and share your Fllair profile when you are applying for jobs to stand out from the crowd. And if you find that your resume is being ignored, be sure to check out our Premium Job Search Support package in the marketplace.